About Me

I’ve tried them all. Whole 30, South Beach, Macro counting, intuitive eating, journaling, you name it I’ve probably tried it. You know what, it’s exhausting! It made me feel lonely and angry on top of being fat. I would get frustrated say “screw it” and eat whatever I wanted just to feel gross again and start all over!

I was tired of “sucking it in” in pictures. I was tired of convincing my supportive husband that we were starting YET another way of eating.

After another visit with the doctor who told me the same old story of “diet and exercise” I got angry at the system and finally made changes. During COVID I got my shit together and lost 30lbs and now I want to help other women who are angry and frustrated like I was!

I want you to find your drama-free way to feeling and looking your best! Cause it’s only a lifestyle if we don’t have to think about it!

Kim is an RRCA certified run coach and a Nutritious Life certified nutrition coach.


7 thoughts on “About Me

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